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September 9 – October 28, 2023

Waking Death Performance Series with Migueltzinta Solís, Adrian Stimson, and Nancy Sandercock

The Waking Death Performance Series showcases two durational works — that perform concurrently — by Migueltzinta Solís and Nancy Sandercock (6:00-8:15pm), followed by a new work by Adrian Stimson (starts at 8:30pm / doors open at 8:15)


Event Info:

by Migueltzinta Solís (Lethbridge/Iniskim)
Location: Outdoor Kiosk @ Casa

A mysterious black dog named YOLO XOLO leads the living on an adventure through the many meanings of death! Guests strap into a virtual dark ride, immersing them in a multimedia performance experience that’s sure to leave them questioning what it means to live and what it means to die. Estimated 7 min run time per ride.

Warning: Strobe like effects

dark matter
by Nancy Sandercock (Los Angeles / Edmonton)
Location: Dance Studio @ Casa, 2nd floor

a meditation on, between and despite positions
sound transcribing space
three events, or thirty
the limit reached, begin and end, again


I’inimm Niistowa Oyitsi’taki – Be present at the death of myself and mourn.
by Adrian Stimson (Siksika Nation)
Location: Community Room @ Casa
Starts at 8:30pm

Doors open at 8:15

Adrian Stimson’s performance will examine grief, the emotional suffering when someone dies and how that death means that a part of you has died. For the Blackfoot, death is an all too common occurrence, natural deaths have been replaced by often tragic circumstances, it feels like we are in a constant state of mourning. The performance will include actions that express ideas of shock, anger, depression and acceptance.

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About the Series

Waking Death: Arts & Culture Event Series is a program of events that focus on death and related themes, bringing together audiences, artists, and guest speakers. The arts have an important role to play in supporting people’s communion with death and this series offers to create a space in which participating artists can share work with the Lethbridge community that reflects on our shared mortality, the nature of impermanence and grief, and the things that haunt us.