Arts & Culture Event Series

September 9 – October 28, 2023

Knowledge Sharing Series with Keynote by Rebecca Many Grey Horses

Doors Open at 12:45pm

This knowledge sharing event will begin with a keynote address by Rebecca Many Grey Horses entitled “The Blackfoot Perspective on Taking the Wolf Trail” and will be followed by presentations from guest speakers Tad Mitsui, Dr. Julia Brassolotto and Nicola Elson. The event will finish with a roundtable discussion with all speakers to be moderated by Kristin Krein.

Events Are Free!

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About the Series

Waking Death: Arts & Culture Event Series is a program of events that focus on death and related themes, bringing together audiences, artists, and guest speakers. The arts have an important role to play in supporting people’s communion with death and this series offers to create a space in which participating artists can share work with the Lethbridge community that reflects on our shared mortality, the nature of impermanence and grief, and the things that haunt us.