Biofilm Productions

Biofilm Productions is the collaborative efforts of time-lapse videographer Joel Penner (National Geographic’s One Strange Rock) and writer/podcaster Anna Sigrithur (Nordic Food Lab Radio, Oxford Food Symposium’s Ox Tales podcast).

Joel Penner is a filmmaker who uses scanners, microscopes and cameras to create time lapses of plants and fungi growing and decaying, with the goal of inspiring people to see the beauty of everyday existence.

Anna Sigrithur is a writer, podcaster and artist whose work engages with critical food studies, sensory and media studies and social-ecological justice. In 2015 she interned at Noma’s Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen where she produced a season of podcasts for Nordic Food Lab Radio about Sámi foodways. She has two seasons of food history podcasts for the Oxford Food Symposium in the UK. As an olfactory artist, she has been experimenting with creating microbially-based perfumes. She is currently completing a Masters of Arts at Concordia University in Montreal where she is studying air pollution through smell.